Natural ingredients

Apimil® is based mainly on
natural ingredients.


Apimil® contains a combination of fragrances, which strongly influence the behaviour of honey bees, reducing their instinctive and aggressive behaviour.

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What is Apimil®?

Apimil® is intended for use in beekeeping.

Apimil® contains a combination of fragrances which strongly influence the behviour of honey bees.

When applied directly to the hive, Apimil® clearly calms the bees, inhibits their aggressive behaviour and reduces the natural stinging tendencies.

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How to use Apimil®?

See how to use Apimil® to get the expected results.

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Advantages of Apimil®

  • Makes beekeeping work easier – the product temporarily eliminates the stinging tendencies of honey bees. It may be used instead of smoke

  • Prevents robbing

  • Significantly improves the success rate of introducing honey bee queens

  • Improves the success rate of combining colonies

Apimil - product visualisation
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Benefits confirmed by tests

Defense is a natural feature of bees that fiercely protect the access to the nest and honey. We can reduce this behaviour. It is of vital importance as working with such bees is very uncomfortable for the beekeeper. In addition, bees’ aggression reduces the effectiveness of many important apiary activities, such as introducing honey bee queens or combining colonies.

As shown in tests conducted, Apimil® significantly reduces the aggressiveness of bees, thereby facilitating many apiary works.

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