How to use Apimil®

The product is used with a manual sprayer.

Apimil® is safe for honey bees. No side effects of applying theproduct directly to hives have been observed.

Proportion with which Apimil should be diluted

of water

of Apimil®

Apimil® is a concentrate, which should be diluted with water before use as follows: 100 ml of the product should be diluted with water to the volume of 1 litre.

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Apimil - product visualisation

of robbing

Introducing honey
bee queens

Reducing the aggressive behaviour of honey bees


Prevention of robbing

Spray the equipment and all the elements attractive for honey bees with Apimil before starting apiary activities.


Introducing honey bee queens

Before introducing a new honey bee queen, make sure that the colony is orphaned or find and remove the old queen. Spray the product on all the frames with honey bees.

Spray carefully the honey bee queen which is going to be introduced with the product and release it directly onto the frame. When introducing the honey bee queens to an orphaned colony, it is recommended to eliminate emergency nurseries.

When Apimil® is used, it is not a necessary condition for the honey bee queen to be accepted. However, if mature nurseries are left, several honey bee queens may appear in the colony.


Reducing the aggressive behaviour of honey bees

In case of aggressive colonies, it is advisable to use Apimil also on protective clothing, especially on hands.

Spray the interior of the hive through the inlet opening 5-10 minutes before opening an aggressive colony.

The product must not be applied directly to the skin.


Combining colonies

Before combining colonies, find honey bee queens, remove them from the colonies and leave the honey bee queen only in one selected colony.

Honey bees from the colonies being combined should be sprayed on the frames and transferred to a common hive.